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Early Adoption Program for the Offline Editing Feature

Early Adoption Program for the Offline Editing Feature

We’re inviting our MSP360 Managed Backup users to participate in the early adoption program for the Offline Editing feature that allows users to view, create, edit, and delete backup plans for computers that are offline. This means users can now manage backups seamlessly without being dependent on the online status of the devices.

This feature significantly reduces dependency on the online status of computers, and MSP360 Managed Backup users can now troubleshoot and optimize backup plans more proactively, resulting in an overall streamlined and more responsive and adaptable backup management experience.

Offline Editing Feature

To join the early adoption program, don’t hesitate to contact us.


The Offline Editing feature marks a significant step forward in providing a more robust and user-friendly experience. By addressing the need to manage offline computers efficiently, we are confident that this feature will not only meet but exceed user expectations.

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