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CloudBerry Explorer for macOS 1.4 is Out

CloudBerry Explorer for macOS 1.4 is Out

Introducing the new and updated version of MSP360 Explorer for macOS. We’ve listened to your feedback and are glad to present the latest version of our application.We have added a few major features that should help you in working with your cloud storage. Now let me describe these fantastic features:

The biggest feature of this release is the search. You can now search your cloud storage along with the local folders. No longer any need to look for that important file by clicking each folder.

Along with that, we have implemented support for tab browsing, which will allow you to open numerous folders, each in a separate tab, a really quality-of-life improvement feature if you need access to different folders simultaneously.

Finally, you can now pause your downloads in the queue, for example if you need to download an important big file, and you don't want to sit in the office, waiting for it.

There are lots of under-the-hood changes, too, as well as improved performance and stability of the application overall. We are also working on a native M1 build, which we will release soon and announce separately.

Thank you for reading, and please share with us your feedback and experience using the software. It’s essential to us and helps us improve the software with each release. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below or via our forums.


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CloudBerry Explorer for macOS
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