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News You Might've Missed

News You Might’ve Missed. 14 – 17 Dec

News You Might’ve Missed. 14 – 17 Dec

What's new this week in the news for MSPs? Amazon launches new tools offering better cloud monitoring; US government software provider SolarWinds hacked; new Windows malware expected to target Linux and macOS soon; and lawmakers expect new cybersecurity bills in 2021.
Let's see what it's all about.

Amazon Launches New Tools Offering Better Cloud Monitoring

AWS announced a bevy of new features for its cloud infrastructure at its re:Invent event this week, including the managed version of the popular Grafana and Prometheus tools. These tools make it simple for businesses to monitor the health of their cloud infrastructure.
This week's announcements came on the heels of an earlier round of product updates from the event.

The main highlight of the announcements is the upgrade to the AWS Systems Manager. This managed service is one that technology teams use to manage and monitor their clients' AWS deployments. Upgrades to the service include several new dashboards that will mean administrators require fewer operational tabs and tools.

US Government Software Provider SolarWinds Hacked

The US Treasury and Commerce departments recently shared that Russian state-sponsored hackers had hacked them. Now, it is reported that SolarWinds Worldwide LLC's software was compromised. This software is used by many parts of the US government – for example, the State Department, the US military, the Pentagon, the Justice Department, NASA, the Executive Office of the President, and the NSA.

According to SolarWinds, approximately 18,000 of its customers downloaded a "compromised software update". SolarWinds has complied with the California Consumer Privacy Act, releasing a formal advisory about the hacking.

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New Windows Malware Expected to Target Linux and macOS Soon

A recently uncovered info-stealing malware with links to an active threat group called AridViper is targeting Windows computers. What's more, threat experts say it shows evidence that cybercriminal groups may use it to target macOS and Linux computers.

Security analysts found the new trojan while they were investigating AridViper activity. The group behind AridViper (also called APT-C-23 and Desert Falcon) is formed of Arabic-speaking cyberspies. Since 2011, they have focused their attacks in the Middle East, operating from Egypt, Turkey, and Palestine.

Unit 42 security researchers say the new malware code (currently called PyMICROPSIA) is targeting Windows computers using the PyInstaller. However, Unit 42 says it has code snippets showing that its makers are possibly planning multi-platform campaigns.

The malware has a list of capabilities that include: payload execution and downloading, browser credential-stealing, keylogging, RAR file compression for stolen data, killing processes and collecting process information, and more.

Lawmakers Expect New Cybersecurity Bills in 2021

Experts say we can expect Congress to fight the deluge of ransomware attacks against private and public sector entities in the new year with new measures. This information came ahead of reports about the FireEye, SolarWind, and Sunburst related accounts, allegedly tying these attacks to state-sponsored Russian hackers.

Lawmakers will look at legislation that will provide funding to local and state governments to increase their cybersecurity defenses. What’s more, according to House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS), he and other representatives will once again attempt to pass the State and Local Cybersecurity Improvement Act.

Congress members are also focusing on continued vigilance to secure US elections from foreign intervention. According to Christopher Krebs, the former director of the nation’s cybersecurity wing, the election infrastructure came through election day with flying colors.

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