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CloudBerry Explorer for macOS 1.0.0 Is Out

CloudBerry Explorer for macOS 1.0.0 Is Out

MSP360 (CloudBerry) Explorer for macOS 1.0.0 (BETA) is now out. This is a new tool that inherits basic features of MSP360 Explorer for Windows along with user experience enhancements for devices running on macOS platforms.

MSP360 (CloudBerry) Explorer for macOS provides a convenient user interface that enables file management across local and cloud storage (beta version features S3 cloud storage only).

Main Features

  • File Management. Use MSP360 (CloudBerry) Explorer for macOS as a classic file manager
  • Web URL Generation. Generate time-limited/signed or default web URLs
  • Diagnostics. Report us on application vitality by sending logs to our support team
  • Feedback. Send feedback straight to MSP360 support team on any found issue.

MSP360 team is committed to designing a cloud file manager for macOS. We plan to add new features with each release, so we encourage you to share your feedback. Feel free to download MSP360 (CloudBerry) Explorer for macOS, and join public testing becoming a part of the development. With your help, the application design becomes an enjoyable experience for our development team.

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CloudBerry Explorer for macOS
  • File management
  • Web URL Generation
  • Diagnostics and feedback
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