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Introducing MSP360 Drive 3.0.1

Introducing MSP360 Drive 3.0.1

MSP360 Drive receives a minor update that brings support for Wasabi's latest region.

Support for Wasabi's US-West-1 Region in MSP360 Drive 3.0.1

Being one of the cheapest cloud storage solutions on the market, Wasabi is a great choice for all users looking to optimize their storage costs. At just $0.0049 per GB-month, Wasabi is considerably cheaper than Amazon S3 or any other reputable cloud storage on the market. They have recently activated a new data center located in the us-west-1 (Hillsboro, OR) region in addition to their primary data center in Ashburn, Virginia. This region promises to offer superior performance for users residing in the American West.

MSP360 Drive has consequently been updated and now features complete support for the new region. In release 3.0.1, you can list buckets as well as transfer data in and out of the us-west-1.


MSP360 Drive continues to be improved and in the latest release adds Wasabi's latest region. Feel free to check out MSP360 Drive 3.0.1 and share your experience with the new region in the comment section below.