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Nuabee Success Story

Nuabee Mixes Orange Business Services’ Cloud with MSP360™ Managed Backup for More Control and Affordable Pricing

Nuabee Mixes Orange Business Services’ Cloud with MSP360™ Managed Backup for More Control and Affordable Pricing

Founded in France in 2014, Nuabee is a French MSP that delivers cross-platform cloud backup with restore and disaster recovery solutions across Europe. The company serves SMEs in a diverse set of industries.

Challenge: Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution

Nuabee was created to offer SMEs an automated solution for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) in the Orange Business Services’ Cloud, Flexible Engine. To this end, Nuabee has developed new industrialized backup and restoration approaches with its partner MSP360.

DRaaS is growing rapidly. The launch of the European public cloud - Flexible Engine by Orange Business Services - allows Nuabee to offer a DRaaS solution that meets the regulatory requirements of European companies. Nuabee is the first company in France to offer a full disaster recovery solution in the European Public Cloud.

Currently, many small and medium enterprises don’t have a disaster recovery solution, and restore strategies aren’t tested regularly.

“The cost of traditional complete disaster recovery solutions does not allow small and middle-sized companies to protect their data effectively,” says Eric Deronzier, CEO and Co-Founder of NUABEE.

In response, Nuabee has developed an affordable solution combining the Orange Business Services’ Cloud, Flexible Engine, and MSP360 Managed Backup - a product that can support customers’ business apps and operating systems, while also providing the requisite data security and backup speed.

The company wanted to build an automated, secure and fast DRaaS solution to meet the needs of modern European SMEs while maintaining data safety and compliance.

The Solution: Flexibility and Control Provided by Orange Business Services and MSP360

After considering several other major backup products, Nuabee chose MSP360 Managed Backup. Why? Because it was the only backup native cloud solution that allowed the development of backup test and disaster recovery features. MSP360 integrates directly with OpenStack technology utilized by Orange storage services. This solution provides ease-of-use, customizability, and cost-efficiency.

Nuabee’s engineers can take advantage of different Orange Business Services features including storage solutions and the cloud virtual environment, allowing their customers to perform fast and easy disaster recovery directly to the cloud.


Disaster recovery with MSP360 Managed Backup to the cloud allows standard recovery objectives of a couple of hours for vital apps, compared to 48 hours with a traditional disaster-recovery solution. Moreover, the elasticity and price efficiency that public cloud storage offers allows Nuabee to introduce customers to new, more accessible pricing.

Nuabee currently uses over 50 terabytes of cloud storage, serving around 350 servers and endpoints to 100 customers, and Nuabee looks to increase its business by more than 50% a year over the next two years.

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