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LAN Systems Chooses MSP360 to Avoid Hidden Fees and Usability Issues

LAN Systems Chooses MSP360 to Avoid Hidden Fees and Usability Issues

When you’re choosing software to build a managed backup service, be sure to look out for hidden fees. That’s the takeaway from the story of LAN Systems, a midsize MSP based in the Atlanta, Georgia area that struggled with unexpected costs in its initial backup solution, prior to switching to MSP360 Managed Backup.

The initial solution: unexpected cost increase

LAN Systems delivers managed backup services for about 200 endpoints and manages about 5 terabytes of backup data in total. It uses cloud storage for some backups but also relies heavily on local backup infrastructure.

For that reason, a backup solution that offers affordability when backing up to local storage is critical for the company. At first, Acronis, which LAN Systems initially used to power its backup operations, did not charge fees for backing up data to local storage.

That changed, however, about a year after LAN Systems first began using Acronis. With little warning, the company announced major changes to its pricing structure, including the introduction of fees for backing up to local storage. Acronis also began charging a fee for each device where an agent ran.

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The result was a 500-percent increase in LAN Systems’ backup costs, according to Joshua Stanley, senior systems engineer.

To make matters worse, Acronis was “extremely difficult” when it came to usability, Stanley said, leaving him and his team struggling to use the product efficiently. The fact that Acronis did not offer feature upgrades, but instead issued updates only for bug fixes, also made the product unattractive to LAN Systems.

Clear, predictable pricing from MSP360

These problems prompted LAN Systems to switch their backup operations to MSP360 Managed Backup, a platform they had already begun adopting alongside Acronis before they realized how much more the latter would cost them than expected.

By offering transparent pricing with no hidden fees, MSP360 now provides LAN Systems with a backup solution that reliably aligns with cost expectations. In addition, Stanley and his team benefit from regular feature enhancements and a much higher degree of usability, which in turn increases personnel efficiency, he said.

And perhaps most importantly of all, with MSP360 Managed Backup, LAN Systems no longer needs to monitor its backup operations closely and manually. Nor does the team spend hours resolving failed backups and testing restore operations. Instead, they can rest easy, knowing that MSP360 has a proven record of delivering reliable data backup and recovery for their clients.

In short, thanks to MSP360 Managed Backup, LAN Systems now enjoys both dependable profit margins and reliable technical performance for its managed backup service. For MSPs, the company’s story is a reminder that, although all backup and recovery platforms may provide the same core features, they vary widely in cost and reliability. For LAN Systems, MSP360 Managed Backup stood apart from the competition.

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