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Grapevine Success Story

Grapevine Telecom Grows its Margin by 66% with MSP360™ Managed Backup

Grapevine Telecom Grows its Margin by 66% with MSP360™ Managed Backup

“MSP360 is the most flexible, cost-effective, and easy-to-use product on the market”,
Mark Newton, Principal IT Consultant of Grapevine Telecom.


Grapevine Telecom was established in 1991 in the United Kingdom. The company has 1200 small business clients all over Southern England and provides a variety of IT services, telecommunications, mobile, and fixed-line solutions. Previously, the company used various and differing solutions for its customers' backup, including local backup, tape and online. Supporting and managing the many backup products was challenging and the company decided to move to online backup. Two years ago, Grapevine undertook the exercise of looking for a new single product.

Business Challenge

When the company started to research the options for a new backup solution, it faced a problem of connectivity. Some customers had poor Internet connections which caused issues with initial uploads. Grapevine investigated the “seeding” method of uploading the client’s data from Grapevine's location. Although this was successful in most cases, as the company provides telecommunications as well as IT, it was able to provide improved Internet connections. Grapevine had six specific criteria in looking for a new solution:

  1. Off-site access: The product had to allow the data to be off-site as the company intended to carry out daily checks on the integrity of the data.
  2. Ease of use: The staff needed to be able to use the product with relatively little training.
  3. Storage providers: The company needed the ability to use different storage providers.
  4. Centralized management: It was critical to be able to see all information in one place.
  5. Disaster recovery: A disaster recovery option to offer customers a complete business continuity solution if required.
  6. Cloud backup for Microsoft365 including OneDrive and Sharepoint.


MSP360 Managed Backup Service fits all of Grapevine's requirements. Principal IT Consultant Mark Newton was particularly keen on MSP360's centrally-managed console and functionality as the top two product benefits.

Mark said, “The area where we felt MSP360 differentiated itself was in its ability to carry out the vast majority of tasks in the centrally-managed web portal. This means our engineers do not have to connect and log on to individual machines to make changes to the configuration, thus saving time”.

He continued, “With MSP360, we have the ability to not just back up a customer's raw data, but also natively backup products such as SQL, Exchange, and even whole virtual machines.”

In terms of tech support, Mark said that the company’s issues are dealt with quickly and professionally.


Grapevine Telecom used various and differing solutions for its customers backup, however, supporting and managing the many various backup products was challenging. The company decided to move to online cloud backup and went looking for a centralized and easy-to-use solution. Grapevine’s Principal Consultant Mark Newton had six criteria and ultimately found that MSP360 fit all of its requirements. Не emphasized that instead of managing multiple products, the company got one simple, easy-to-manage tool. Mark explained,

“Within normal day-to-day operations, the amount of man-hours utilized on online backup has reduced to checking daily backup email from MSP360.”

Together with this, Grapevine’s customer base is growing and the company is in the process of mailshotting its enlarged base with the benefits of online backup. According to Mark, Grapevine’s business margins have also grown: “Based on our costs for running and purchasing our previous solutions, with MSP360 our margins have increased by approximately 66%.” Mark summarized that for Grapevine, MSP360 Managed Backup is the most flexible, cost-effective, and easy-to-use product on the market.

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