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Computer Options Success Story

Computer Options Slashes Costs by 25% After Switching From Intronis to MSP360™ Managed Backup

Computer Options Slashes Costs by 25% After Switching From Intronis to MSP360™ Managed Backup

“MSP360 feels a lot safer. It is designed with careful thought to eliminate possibilities of mistakes,” -- Brad McDermith, CEO of Computer Options


Computer Options was set up in 1997 to provide high quality IT services within California. The company specializes in building and managing various classes of servers and high-end workstations for its customers. At present, the company manages about 2000 machines of which there are almost 1500 servers that the company backs up.

Business Challenge

Computer Options was relying on a backup solution by Intronis to manage its cloud backups for its 1500 servers. However, the Intronis solution was plagued by various bugs and issues. ”A major production database was backed up using Intronis and when the time came, the solution could not restore it! It was a great disappointment. We had to use our on-site backup that we luckily had to restore data thereby defeating the very purpose of cloud-based backup”, Brad McDermith, CEO of Computer Options, said.

After nearly 50 such episodes, Computer Options decided that enough was enough and began to look for an alternative solution. Switching a backup solution with 1500 users is not easy, but the company could not continue using the Intronis solution.

”Had we been relying on Intronis? No. We’d have been screwed,” Brad McDermith added.

The company researched several solutions. A key requirement was the need for the new solution to be very easy to deploy to offer great support and be affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

A few solutions were shortlisted, Syncback Pro was one of them. They all were rejected due to their poor user interface, unnecessary complexity or simple inability to meet all requirements of Computer Options’ engineers.


The company decided to use Amazon S3 as its storage option. With its previous cloud storage provider, the level of service was unreliable.

“After our experience with Intronis when we didn’t know where exactly our data was stored, we decided to try another system of backup. This time we wanted to have separate providers for cloud storage and backup management”, Brad McDermith, CEO of Computer Options, said.

After considerable research Computer Options zeroed in on MSP360 Managed Backup as the solution with Amazon S3 support. The solution gave them the ease of use and the solid reliability that Computer Options had looked for. The backup system that the company chose turned out to be truly cost-efficient.

Computer Options had also assessed Syncback Pro, but MSP360 Managed Backup was far easier to use and was designed with careful thought to eliminate possibilities of mistakes. MSP360 was easy to deploy, support, and use. “The problem with Syncback Pro was that there was too much room for tech error. There are so many options it’s really easy to do something by an accident. MSP360 feels a lot safer. The interface of MSP360 Managed Backup is truly intuitive”, Brad McDermith commented.

Very major savings and benefits were realized by switching over to MSP360 Managed Backup with Amazon S3. The time required to manage backups was cut in half while costs were reduced by 25%.


With MSP360 Managed Backup, Computer Options was able to reduce the cost of service by as much as 25%. These savings were passed on to customers, making Computer Options more competitive in the market. There were substantial savings of engineers’ time as well.

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