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MSP360 and Wasabi Power Custom-Branded Managed Backup for French MSP

MSP360 and Wasabi Power Custom-Branded Managed Backup for French MSP

CloudReso provides managed backup services to hundreds of businesses. Given that the MSP was founded in 2018, turning to the cloud for its backup storage needs was an easy decision. Yet the company faced a more difficult challenge in finding managed backup software that fits its needs -- especially when it came to white-labeling its backup services in order to offer them under its own brand.

Here’s how CloudReso solved these challenges with the help of MSP360 Managed Backup and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage.

The Challenge: Delivering Cost-Efficient, Custom-Branded Backup Services

CloudReso, which is based near Paris, provides managed services to more than 300 businesses in France. In total, it is responsible for protecting about 300 terabytes of customer data.

At that scale, leveraging cloud-based backup storage solutions is an obvious choice. The cloud allows CloudReso to store as much backup data as it needs, without having to worry about setting up and managing on-premises backup hardware. An additional key benefit of the cloud is that it isolates backup data from customers’ production infrastructure, which means the data will be safe in the event that a ransomware attack strikes customers’ own infrastructure.

The challenge for CloudReso as it planned its managed backup service was finding backup software that fit its needs. A central priority for the MSP was the ability to white-label its backup software by operating it under its own branding. That way, the MSP’s clients would have no doubt about who was handling their backup needs.

An additional challenge for CloudReso was finding a backup solution that offered the rich data backup and recovery features that CloudReso required, without breaking the bank. The company sought a backup platform that was sophisticated, yet cost-efficient.

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None of the backup platforms that CloudReso initially considered, which included SolarWinds’ backup products, NeoBackup, Veeam, and others, met both of these needs. They either lacked support for white-labeling or were too expensive, or both.

Managed Backup Success with MSP360 and Wasabi Cloud Storage

After evaluating other options, CloudReso settled on MSP360 Managed Backup to support its backup needs.

In addition to offering the white-labeling support that CloudReso required, MSP360 delivered “efficiency, stability, and a high-profit margin,” according to Gilles Gozlan, president of CloudReso. In this way, MSP360 helped CloudReso grow its managed backup service to support hundreds of customers while maintaining reliability and profitability for the MSP.

The dedicated customer support services that MSP360 offered were a deciding factor for CloudReso in choosing the platform, too. With MSP360’s support, Gozlan said, his team never has to worry about disruptions or delays in the event that a technical issue arises.

The third benefit of MSP360 Managed Backup is its ability to integrate with other IT tools to streamline workflows. CloudReso uses it in conjunction with OptiTune to streamline operations. Thanks to this integration, MSP360 has helped CloudReso maximize the efficiency of its personnel, Gozlan said.

CloudReso couples MSP360 Managed Backup with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, which offers “simplicity, competitive pricing, and great performance,” according to Gozlan. Given Wasabi’s extremely low data storage costs and the absence of egress fees or API request charges, it
was the obvious cloud storage solution for CloudReso, Gozlan said.

Going forward, CloudReso plans to expand its marketing efforts around managed backup services, confident that it can serve additional customers with the solution it has built on the basis of MSP360 Managed Backup and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage.

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