MSP360 Backup API

MSP360 Backup API

MSP360 Backup API

MSP360 has started implementing MSP360 Backup C# API in addition to the existing command-line interface to help other vendors integrate MSP360 Backup with their products and the customers to integrate MSP360 Backup with other internal routines.

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View Backup Plan Details and Get Plan Statistics

Example, that lists successful and failed plans:

foreach (BackupPlan plan in BackupProvider.GetBackupPlans())


if (plan.Status.LastRunResult == EnumLastRunResult.Success)


      Console.WriteLine( "Plan '{0}' has competed successfully. Transferred data size: {1} bytes" , plan.Name, plan.Status.DataSize);


else if(plan.Status.LastRunResult == EnumLastRunResult.Failed)


      Console.WriteLine("Plan '{0}' failed", plan.Name);



Start/Stop/Pause Plans Using API

BackupPlan object lets start, stop, and pause backup plan.

You can use methods:

public void Start();

public void Stop();

public void Pause();

This example starts all plans, that are not currently running:

foreach (BackupPlan plan in BackupProvider.GetBackupPlans())


if (plan.Status.IsRunning)



Console.WriteLine( "Plan '{0}' started" , plan.Name);



How to get started with MSP360 C# API project

First of all, you should add the reference to CloudBerry.Backup.API.dll, it is located in

C:\Program Files\CloudBerryLab\CloudBerry Online Backup


C:\Program Files\CloudBerryLab\Windows Home Server (if you are using Windows Home Server version):

add reference

BackupProvider is a root static class, which is used for accessing MSP360 Backup objects.

It has a method for listing current user backup plans:

public static BackupPlan[] GetBackupPlans()

And events for monitoring backup plans changes:

/// Occurs if the plan was changed, removed or created

public static event EventHandler<ChangedEventArgs> PlanChanged;

/// Occurs if the plan was removed

public static event EventHandler<PlanRemoveEventArgs> PlanRemoved;

BackupPlan has some properties with plan information and Status property for getting plan current/last status. There is also a StatusChanged event that is fired on Status parameter changes.

XML documentation is included, you can use IntelliSense for viewing help:


Test App

Here you can download the source code of the test application that will help you get started with C# API (3.4 KB)

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