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MSP360™ (CloudBerry)

for IT professionals and tech support

MSP360™ Solutions

IT Professionals and Tech Support
For experienced cloud storage users and IT professionals we offer a set of tools that include:
  • CloudBerry Backup - a cross-platform cloud backup integrated with Amazon Web Services, MS Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Backblaze B2, Wasabi, and other clouds
  • CloudBerry Explorer - a file manager for Amazon S3, Azure BLOB storage, Google cloud Storage and OpenStack Swift
  • CloudBerry Drive - cloud storage mapping tool that helps to mount cloud storage account as a local disk to your computer
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Products for IT PROs


Application-aware and image-based backup of business
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File manager for your cloud storage with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or Openstack
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Software for mounting a cloud storage account as a network or external drive
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