CloudBerry Backup for Virtual Machines

VM backup solutions for small business. Best for up to 5 computers. No centralized management.
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Download Free Trial* *The software comes with 15-day trial
Buy Online for $179.99** **The license is per host, annual subscription. The price doesn't include VAT The price includes 2 sockets Buy additional socket for $89.99

Pricing and Licensing

After you download CloudBerry Backup for VM you need to install the software on your host server. Once installation is complete launch the application and choose either to start your free trial or activate a commercial license.

Free trial. CloudBerry Backup comes with a 15-day fully functional free trial.

Commercial license. CloudBerry Backup for VM commercial license allows to backup a server with two sockets. You can also buy additional socket for $89.99.

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Windows Server VM Ultimate
Operating Systems
Windows Server
Backup Support
File-System Backup
Image Based Backup
System State Backup
Bare Metal Restore
Restore to Cloud VM
Microsoft SQL Server Backup
Microsoft Exchange Backup
Virtual Machine Backup
Encryption and Compression
Network Share Backup 5 shares 5 shares unlimited
Storage Limits
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Data volume you can manage with CloudBerry Backup. MSP360™ doesn't offer storage, you need to buy from storage providers separately.

1 TB unlimited unlimited
Pricing and Support
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Estimate Your Backup Storage Cost

Please, note that MSP360™ doesn't offer storage, you need to buy from storage providers separately

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$ 2.30

Amazon S3

$ 2.00

Google Cloud Storage

$ 1.84

Azure Blob Storage


$ 1.25

Amazon S3 Standard IA

$ 1.00

Google Nearline

$ 1.00

Azure Cool Blob Storage


$ 0.40

Amazon Glacier

$ 0.70

Google Coldline

$ 0.2

Azure Archive Blob Storage