MSP360™ (CloudBerry) Backup
for Computers

Complete PC backup with encryption, compression, scheduling, email notifications and more

Pricing and Licensing

After you download MSP360™ Backup you need to install the software on your computer. Once installation is complete launch the application and choose either to activate a freeware version, start your free trial, or activate a commercial license.

Freeware version. Designed for personal use only. Comes with most of the features of the PRO version, such as flexible scheduler and retention policies.

PRO version. Comes with advanced features: image-based backup (for Windows only), compression and encryption.

Cost Calculator
15 day free trial icon
Free 15-day trial
per computer
Leverage free 15-day trial to evaluate the product before buying a commercial license.
perpetual license icon
Perpetual licenses
per computer
MSP360™ Backup comes with a one-time off license per computer.
annual maintenance icon
Annual maintenance
Covers free upgrades and priority support. It is 20% per year of the original purchase. The maintenance for the first year is not included.
volume discounts icon
Get significant volume discounts for buying MSP360™ Backup licenses in bulk.

Compare Pricing

Windows Free Windows PRO Linux Free Linux Personal Mac Free Mac PRO
Operating Systems
Ubuntu, Debian, Suse, Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS, Oracle Linux, Amazon Linux 2
Backup Support
File-Level Backup
Image-Based Backup
Encryption and Compression
Storage Limits

Data volume you can manage with MSP360™ Backup.MSP360™ doesn't offer storage, you need to buy from storage providers separately.

200 GB 5 TB 200 GB 5 TB 200 GB unlimited
Pricing and Support
Support Community only Email support Community only Email support Community only Email support

Estimate Your Backup Storage Cost

Please, note that MSP360™ doesn't offer storage, you need to buy from storage providers separately

Amazon Web Services logo

Google Cloud Platform logo

Microsoft Azure logo


$ 2.30

Amazon S3

$ 2.00

Google Cloud Storage

$ 1.84

Azure Blob Storage


$ 1.25

Amazon S3 Standard IA

$ 1.00

Google Nearline

$ 1.00

Azure Cool Blob Storage


$ 0.40

Amazon Glacier

$ 0.70

Google Coldline

$ 0.2

Azure Archive Blob Storage