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Office backup solutions for small business. Best for up to 5 computers. No centralized management. Looking for more?
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CloudBerry Office Backup is designed for the cloud to cloud backup and restore of your Office 365 accounts (including Outlook mailboxes, calendars etc.) and Google accounts (including Gmail mailboxes, calendars etc.)

CloudBerry office backup solutions are fully integrated with Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure for backup storage and allow restoring to the original or new account when required.

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Estimate Your Backup Storage Cost

Please, note that MSP360™ doesn't offer storage, you need to buy from storage providers separately

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$ 2.30

Amazon S3

$ 2.00

Google Cloud Storage

$ 1.84

Azure Blob Storage


$ 1.25

Amazon S3 Standard IA

$ 1.00

Google Nearline

$ 1.00

Azure Cool Blob Storage


$ 0.40

Amazon Glacier

$ 0.70

Google Coldline

$ 0.2

Azure Archive Blob Storage