Become a Certified Storage Partner

MSP360™ (formerly CloudBerry Lab) welcomes cloud storage service providers for collaboration. At the moment we support all the major public storage services in our products. If your company provides cloud storage service we can support it in our products. Please check the responsibilities below and contact us if you're interested.

Provider responsibilities

1. You need to support Amazon S3 or OpenStack Swift API, if you support S3 you need to tell us if it is Scality, Cloudian, Walrus or other solution

2. Provide us with a test account

3. Place MSP360™ profile on your third-party tools/ partners/ solution catalog. This is a hard requirement. No catalog entries - no interest in partnership. Full stop.

4. Send an email to to get started.

MSP360™ responsibilities

1. Certify the provider

2. Add the branded connection option to CloudBerry Explorer, CloudBerry Backup, CloudBerry Drive and MSP360™ Managed Backup Service. Here is an example

3. Place the provider profile to the solution catalog. Here is an example

4. Develop connection tutorial for the product above. Here is an example


1. Create a joint press release

2. Create a whitepaper

3. Video tutorial

4. Host a webinar for the joint customers

5. Develop other mutually beneficial marketing and sales offers

Example of the branded option integration with CloudBerry Explorer and HP Cloud as a storage provider.