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Backing Up 400 TB: MSP360 Managed Backup Customer Success Story

Backing Up 400 TB: MSP360 Managed Backup Customer Success Story

Together with MSP360 Managed Backup and Wasabi Hot Storage, Abbeycomp IT Solutions, a London-Based MSP, has successfully implemented a simple, secure and cost-efficient backup solution for its clients that supports over 400 terabytes of data. Are you facing a similar challenge? Read on to learn how Abbeycomp solved it in our success story.

Challenge: Backing up 400 TB of Data

Abbeycomp IT Solutions is a mid-sized MSP that provides IT services to 80 clients, whose storage requires 400 TB in total. To provide backup services, Abbeycomp previously relied on a backup tool that claimed to offer “unlimited storage.” However, that tool struggled to perform an efficient backup when it was faced with large volumes of data. It, therefore, didn't work well at the scale that Abbeycomp required.

Abbeycomp was eager to find a backup solution that could scale -- and that offered backup monitoring and management from a single location as well. It also needed an off-site storage solution that can accommodate such large volumes of data efficiently.

That’s where MSP360 Managed Backup and Wasabi Hot Storage came in.

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David Gugick, VP of Product Marketing at MSP360, and Richard Czech, EMEA Sales Director at Wasabi Technologies, explain how a London-based MSP built a manageable and price-efficient backup solution for its clients.

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