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How MSP360 Connect Managed (Formerly Remote Desktop) Can Help You with Client-Support Tasks

MSP360 Connect Managed (formerly Remote Desktop) is an easy-to-use remote assistance software tool for securely accessing and controlling desktops and servers.

With it, you can easily connect to your clients’ endpoints and provide support to them the moment help is needed.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Sign in to the MSP360 Connect web console and go to the Computers tab.

If you haven’t used the MSP360 Connect Managed before, read this article to learn how to start.

 How to Install the Solution on Target Machines

2. Then choose the required machine and connect to it by clicking the plug icon.

plug icon

3. Now you are connected to your end user’s computer and can perform the actions required to help them, including:

a. System administration (maintain computers and servers in a timely manner)
b. File transfer, text, and voice chat (you can send a setup file to your end user’s machine, or ask them to explain an issue via chat or voice communication in the software)

File transfer

c. Monitoring remote sessions (overview the remote session activity of your team to increase productivity)

d. And even more.

Also, MSP360 Connect Managed supports the unattended access feature by default, meaning that you can provide unattended support and don’t need the customer to sit in front of the computer while you are connecting to it.

That’s it. Now you know how to remotely manage your clients’ machines and easily resolve issues in minutes with MSP360 Connect Managed.

MSP360 Connect.
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Securely connect and control remote devices and servers to resolve issues faster. Take advantage of high-speed stable connections regardless of the computer’s global location.
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