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Ultimate Edition
CloudBerry Backup Ultimate provides reliable and cost-effective unlimited backup for your Windows desktop computers and servers, MS Exchange and MS SQL Server. This backup solution supports multiple cloud storage options, including Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and other.
Supported OS
Windows Server 2008/2008 R2
Windows Server 2012/2012 R2/2016/2019
Windows 7/8/10
Supported Exchange and SQL Servers
MS SQL Server 2008/2012/2014/2016/2017
MS SQL Server Express
MS Exchange 2007/2010/2013/2016
System requirements
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0,
1.4 GHz 64-bit processor,
512 MB RAM, 100 MB minimum disk space,
Gigabit (10/100/1000baseT) Ethernet adapter
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