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Alexander Negrash
CloudBerry Lab

CloudBerry Lab™ Creates New Revenue Opportunity for MS Partners with Windows Azure Support in CloudBerry Managed Backup

MS Partners and Service Providers can expand business portfolio and offer branded cloud backup service integrated with secure Windows Azure Storage

Newport Beach, California - September 24, 2013

CloudBerry Lab™, a vendor of backup and management solutions for public cloud storage services announces a new revenue opportunity for all Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Microsoft Partners in particular by supporting Windows Azure Storage in its’ white-label Managed Backup. CloudBerry Managed Backup™ now allows service providers seamlessly integrate their own Windows Azure Storage account with the managed backup service to store customer’s backups such bypassing high cost and complexity of building and maintaining own data center. CloudBerry Managed Backup supports Windows Azure, Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier now, with Google Cloud being added soon.

The importance of secure data storage is growing and businesses are looking for a reliable and affordable backup solution to protect their critical business data from loss. That opens a big opportunity for Managed Service Providers to grow their portfolio with attractive and secure backup solution to meet growing demand in cloud backup services. Using leading cloud storage services such as Amazon S3 and Windows Azure as a backup storage with a backup automation solution like CloudBerry Backup that ensures all data is securely transferred to the cloud as a two separate pieces of one cloud backup service brings great benefits in terms of security. Service providers control and manage backup process and data storage separately, being able to access and restore customer’s data directly from the storage service provider, in case backup service is unavailable.

Alongside with security, economy of provided services is critical for MSP business as service providers have to pay bills and stay profitable. Using Windows Azure, Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier allows to leverage cost-effective “pay as you grow” economy and offer competitive cloud backup service staying profitable. Furthermore, if you are a member of Microsoft programs such as MSDN, Microsoft Partner Network or BizSpark, you get free access to Windows Azure and receive a monthly credit to get to 1.5 TB of free storage.

Alexey Serkov, CTO at CloudBerry Lab
“Windows Azure storage was in high demand among our Managed Backup customers. That proves that Azure is a top 3 player in cloud computing market. We always work to meet our customers’ needs, and I’m very proud to announce Windows Azure support in CloudBerry Managed Backup.“

About CloudBerry Managed Backup:
CloudBerry Managed Backup™ service uses the same technology as a CloudBerry Backup™ standalone solution to ensure sensitive data is encrypted with a user password and then securely transferred to public cloud storage to be always available for restore. But unlike standalone CloudBerry Backup solution CloudBerry Managed Backup was design to meet Managed Service Providers specific requirements and allows:

  • Using own Windows Azure, Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier storage account as a remote storage for customers’ data such providing clients with the most reliable and cost effective cloud backup service;
  • Complete backup client rebranding and customization to provide the service that is fully aligned with the company style and brand identity;
  • Advanced remote management and monitoring to ensure all backups are actually happen, ready to restore.

Service Providers can sign up for CloudBerry Managed Backup service free of charge to evaluate fully functional trial.

About CloudBerry Lab: CloudBerry Lab was established in 2008 by a group of experienced IT professionals with the mission to help organizations in adopting cloud computing technologies by closing the gap between cloud vendor propositions and consumer needs through development of innovative low-costs solutions. CloudBerry Lab is an Amazon Web Services Advanced Technology Partner.