Mount Cloud Storage as a local disk with CloudBerry Backup, Google Storage support.

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Back up only changed portions of the files to Amazon S3 with CloudBerry Backup.

August, 2011

For Immediate Release

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Back up only changed portions of the files to Amazon S3 with CloudBerry Backup.

CloudBerry Lab has released CloudBerry Backup version 2.3 -- an application that allows users to backup their data online to their cloud storage accounts such as Amazon S3, Windows Azure and Google Storage.

Disaster recovery planning is often times an afterthought that comes to light when disaster strikes. Very seldom do companies fully recover from loss of critical data which could lead to loss of business. CloudBerry Backup provides a powerful Backup and Restore product designed to leverage Amazon S3 reliable and secure online storage to make your disaster recovery plan simple, reliable, and affordable.

New version of CloudBerry Backup comes with an ability to back up only the modified blocks of the files to the Amazon S3 making the overall backup process faster and more efficient. Block Level Backup is useful if you want to copy large files such as SQL Server Backup files, MS Exchange Database, Outlook PST files and virtual machine images.

CloudBerry Backup leverages native Amazon S3 Copy API and allows the users to access the files with any other tools. Furthermore, CloudBerry Backup is the only client program available on the market that doesn't require any additional server software to process the modified blocks.

Currently the block level backup feature will only work for the files greater than 5 GB. This is the limitation of Amazon S3 copy API. Once this limitation is removed on the Amazon side CloudBerry Backup will automatically support smaller files.

CloudBerry Lab is working on the Block Level Backup functionality for smaller files as part of the Advanced Backup Mode with the encryption, compression and versioning support. This functionality is expected to get out in Fall 2011.

CloudBerry Backup is also available as a Windows Home Server 2011 and Small Business Server 2011 Essentials add-on. It integrates with the WHS console and offers scheduled backup to cloud storage, hosted on Amazon S3.

CloudBerry Backup is designed to work on Windows XP/Vista/7 and Windows Server 2003/2008. Command line interface allows partners and advanced computer users integrate backup and restore plans with other routines.

CloudBerry S3 Backup for Windows costs $29.99(US) for a single-user license. Volume discounts are available. CloudBerry Backup will be offered without charge to students, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. You will continue to pay Amazon directly for their S3 charges.

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