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CloudBerry™ Announces Support for Amazon EC2 Snapshots in CloudBerry Managed Backup

CloudBerry Backup Now Fully Protects EC2 Instances for Disaster Recovery

New York, NY – November 20, 2018 – The team at CloudBerry™ is excited to announce the latest release of their flagship product, CloudBerry Managed Backup; now with advanced snapshot support for Amazon EC2 instances.

As customers begin to migrate their infrastructure to Amazon Web Services, they are increasingly interested in being able to take advantage of Amazon’s EC2 snapshot features. “Our customers love the idea of snapshots as a fast way to image an EC2 instance, but they were reluctant to use native EC2 snapshots alone because of their limited restore options. Our customers demanded something better and this is the first part of delivering on that promise,” says David Gugick, VP Product Management at CloudBerry.

“Our customers frequently request EC2 snapshot support, the ability to perform file-level restores from snapshots, simplified snapshot job management, and cross-platform support,” says Gugick. “In the coming months, we’ll be adding these advanced features to our EC2 support so our customers can get the benefits of our advanced CloudBerry technologies with EC2 snapshots.”

The new EC2 functionality is fully-integrated into CloudBerry Managed Backup. Customers can easily schedule new snapshots, manage backup retention, and optionally create an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for fast restores. Gugick goes on to say, “With a rich set of EC2 features on the roadmap, driven by our customers, we are confident this new functionality will allow our customers to easily protect their EC2 instances from disaster while providing the file-level recovery needed for every-day business operation.”


EC2 snapshot functionality is available now for CloudBerry Managed Backup. A free, 15-day trial is available from the CloudBerry web site:

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