MSP360 Adds Intelligent Retention Using Forever Forward Incremental to Backup Solution to Reduce Storage Costs for MSPs and IT Teams

PITTSBURGH – November 8, 2022MSP360™a provider of simple and reliable backup and IT management solutions for managed services providers (MSPs) and IT departments worldwide, has added forever forward incremental backup and intelligent retention to the latest version of MSP360 Backup. This addition could reduce cloud storage costs for MSPs and IT Teams by up to 50 percent.

“Reducing costs for our customers has been and continues to be one of our top priorities,” said Brian Helwig, CEO at MSP360. “By bringing down storage costs for our customers, we improve their bottom lines, enabling them to reinvest more money into their businesses. We always develop our products with our customers’ businesses in mind.”

Unlike the traditional approach to backup, where multiple full backups are required, the forever forward incremental backup method creates only one full backup, followed by a chain of incremental backups. Since incremental backups track and copy only those data blocks that have been changed since the last backup job, they accelerate the backup process and significantly reduce storage space. By using this approach, only one backup generation is kept in storage. Once the next full backup is renewed by merging the latest increments, the previous full and incremental copies are deleted according to the retention policy to optimize storage space usage.

With an intelligent retention feature like FFI, MSP360 Backup helps reduce the storage services costs that come with a minimum storage duration limit and early deletion fees. This feature automatically checks the cloud storage parameters to ensure that only one full backup is created within a minimum storage duration period. With intelligent retention, the software will adjust retention settings automatically, so there is no need to pay extra for duplicated data on storage.

“Our platform continues to evolve as the IT threat landscape changes,” Helwig said. “It is our responsibility as a cybersecurity first company to provide MSPs and IT teams with the tools necessary to manage, support, and protect their customers from all manner of threat actors. We will continue simplifying backup, cybersecurity, and IT management for IT practitioners by working with our internal resources and leveraging strategic partners.”

About MSP360™

Established in 2011 by a group of IT professionals, MSP360 provides simple and reliable cutting-edge backup and IT management solutions for MSPs and IT departments worldwide. The MSP360 platform combines the number one easy-to-use backup solution to deliver best-in-class data protection, secure remote access software to provide support to customers or team members, and painless RMM to handle all aspects of IT infrastructure.

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